How I’m Reclaiming Black for Spring

With beige and dark browns dominating my wardrobe as an alternative to black as of late, I had a little bit of buyer’s remorse when I submitted my purchase for a black midi dress a few weekends ago. I hadn’t bought something black in a while and I had subconsciously dubbed it as a “fall” color, so how would I style it for summer? However, after experimenting with some different accessories and taking it out for a spin over the past weekend, I was pulled back into the cool, sexy embrace of black, as if it playfully slapped me across the face and said, “Hey! Don’t forget about me! I’m here too!”

Over the weekend, I wore the dress (from Princess Polly) with some cool, flirty accessories that gave it a crisp summer edge. It ended up being perfect for an evening on the patio of an Italian restaurant my husband and I frequent. The scarf had some delightful red strawberries printed on a black background that I bought a few years back and the chunky dad sandals from Mango balanced out the flirty features to give the dress a “cool girl” edge. Additionally, the gold jewelry and bag hardware gave it some enlightened warmth. The outfit overall gave me very “fashionista in Positano” vibes as we sipped on white wine and munched happily on freshly made pasta. So, if black is a color you’ve been avoiding this season with the influx of pastels and beiges clogging our Pinterests and Instagram feeds, I highly encourage you to take that little black dress or chic ruffled top out for the day so that maybe, just maybe, they can slap you across the face for neglecting them too.

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