Vienna Recommendations – Hotels, Sights, and Restaurants

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Vienna is a city that oozes elegance from every marbled column and white stone façade. It houses fantastic art collections in its sophisticated museums. It holds many classical music concerts in a variety of its historic buildings. The city also has excellent transportation systems and is clean and safe – making it an ideal stop on any traveler’s list.

Over the holidays, I was fortunate enough to revel in the city’s elegance for 3 full days. During this time, I discovered many fantastic restaurants and places to visit that I recommend to anyone planning a trip.

Where I Stayed

Le Méridian is an excellent option for those who want to have the availability to walk or take the city’s transit system. This hotel borders the city’s inner ring, so you can quickly walk to the center or any of the museums nearby. I also enjoyed the breakfast here because they had a generous food selection in a buffet-style setting.

Where to Go

Kunsthistorisches Museum
This is my favorite museum that I visited during my stay in Vienna, and possibly one of the best museums of all time. Not only was the museum designed beautifully, but they also have remarkable collections of art, artifacts, and antiques that dazzle and captivate.

Belvedere Palace
My favorite thing about the Belvedere palace is that it combines baroque interior styles with modern art collections. I loved seeing the faceted chandeliers in the grand halls and famous artworks from artists like Gustav Klimt.

Classical Music Concert
Austria is notable for the many famous composers that rose to greatness here, so naturally, there are many great music concerts to attend. While I attended one at the Schönbrunn Palace, there are many options in other fantastic locations that can all be found here.

St Stephen’s Cathedral
St Stephen’s Cathedral is famed for its geometric and colorful-tiled roof. However, take advantage of the free entry to view its stunning interior with staggeringly high ceilings.

St Peter’s Catholic Church
This church is a bit unassuming on the outside. Still, it nests a richly decorated interior in the fanciful baroque style. Entrance is free, but they also have paid classical music concerts that you can attend. Just be sure to book in advance because they sell out quickly.

Antique Shopping
One thing I noticed about Vienna is that many antique shops carry wonderful selections of vintage items. I spent a lot of time browsing antique home décor, jewelry, books, art, and other trinkets. If you love vintage shopping, then save room in your suitcase!

Restaurant Recommendations

1516 Brewing Company
This large but cozy pub has an extensive array of beers on tap and delicious, homey food. I loved the goulash soup.

Meissl & Schadn
This is a great place to try a traditionally cooked Wienerschnitzel. If you order this item, it will be made with veal and your choice of having it fried in lard, butter, or vegetable oil. Save a lot of room, though, because they come out bigger than the plate!

Fenster Café
This small service window in a short ally makes delicious specialty coffees. Their most notable drink is the “Fensterccino” latte served in a waffle cone. The cone has a layer of chocolate inside that melts with the heat of the coffee. It’s a little pricey for coffee but completely worth it.

If you are visiting in the cooler months or simply craving ramen, you must come here for a pick-me-up. We came here for their noodle soup made with rich broth and homemade noodles and left with uplifted souls and warm bellies.

Want more?

If you enjoyed these recommendations and want to read more about my trip, you can view my editorial-style post about Vienna. Thank you for reading, and save this post for your next Vienna vacation.

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